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Which Window Option Best Suits Your Bathroom?

The bathroom is a popular location for home renovations. Even though the room occupies a smaller space in your home, the components that go into it should be carefully selected. The window is an important feature to consider because it facilitates the escape of steam during bathtime. If the moisture in the air is not regulated, it can seep into the roof and start the decay of wooden parts. It can also compromise the door and cause the paint to stick. But this is just one of many considerations.



To help you choose the best style of window to install in your bathroom, window installation company Renewal by Andersen® discusses the things you have to consider.


  • Pick the appropriate window size and style. Most bathrooms are small in size and it’s only natural to want the room to feel more spacious than it is. You can achieve this by allowing in as much sunlight as possible. However, this requires large windows and that simply can’t always be possible due to privacy reasons. Casement and awning windows are the ideal choices for bathrooms since they can be cranked open to let in natural light and even help with ventilation.


  • Use textured glass windows. Find a replacement window contractor who can provide your bathroom with high quality textured or stained glass windows. Knowing that your bathroom windows are not completely transparent and can provide privacy will optimize your comfort level.


  • Consider window placement. Most bathrooms have windows placed on the higher part of the wall to avoid direct visual access from the outside. Wide, narrow windows placed above head height lets in as much light as tall windows do. You can also opt for a skylight for an elevated architectural daylighting experience.


Whether your bathroom needs new windows or your home requires expert residential window services, find Renewal by Andersen of Rapid City. We have a dedicated and experienced team who will treat your home like it’s their own!


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