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Window Mullions and Muntins: The Differences

Whenever the topic of window components is brought up, not a lot of homeowners discuss the muntins and mullions. In fact, some aren’t even aware of them and what they really are. According to experts, the mullions and muntins are the dividers and supporting devices of your home’s windows. But while it’s clear that they’re both important parts of your window, what exactly is it that sets them apart from one another?

In this article, the replacement window installation experts of Renewal by Andersen® of Rapid City discuss the differences between window mullions and muntins.

Window Mullions

While both the mullions and muntins of your window act as its supporting devices, experts say that the window mullions were only used in the windows during the Victorian era. This is because, at the time, it was prohibited to produce large sheets of glass, making it near impossible to make larger windows. This is where the mullions come in as giant expanses of windows back then were made by holding smaller panes of glass together with supportive mullions.

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Window Muntins

On the other hand, muntins are often associated with windows nowadays. However, in actuality, muntins can actually mean any kind of vertical divider that is used in windows, wood panels, furniture, and even doors. Unlike the mullions, however, muntins have been used in furniture and home fixtures since the 1680s, especially when they were structurally necessary as the outer walls of some early buildings couldn’t always carry the weight of the larger windows that are installed.

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