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Window Installation: Let Professionals Do It!

Window installation is a laborious and careful process. It involves more than getting panes of glass and putting them on your windowsill. There’s science behind the installation of each window, and that process helps keep external elements and potential contaminants out of your house and helps you be more comfortable in the confines of your home. Proper window installation can also save you a lot of money through greater energy efficiency. What makes professional window installation so important? Why shouldn’t you do it yourself? Trusted replacement window contractor Renewal by Andersen® is here to tell you why! 

Avoid Self-Installation

First and foremost, unless you have a background in engineering and construction, don’t do it yourself. DIY projects are usually for small aesthetic projects, like recycling old tools and materials to create decorations and amenities that are appealing and save you money. But in this case, installing a window by yourself will do the opposite of saving money. You not only put yourself in physical danger but also risk getting unreliable windows that will not function as they are intended, costing you more than what you think you saved initially through future adjustments and repairs. It is highly recommended that you hire professionals for window installation instead.

Energy-Efficiency Issues

Having your window projects handled by a trusted window installation company not only ensures proper installation and warranties but also makes your windows function as they are intended. Energy-efficient windows, when properly installed, greatly decrease your electricity bills through great temperature retention and reflection. These energy-efficient windows retain your internally cooled or heated air within the confines of your room while protecting you from external elements, keeping you comfortable regardless of any season.


Moisture Problems


Properly installed windows prevent the condensation of moisture around their frames, but improperly installed ones let vapors condense on cold surfaces between your window’s frame and the wall it’s attached to. This eventually causes moisture buildup and results in the rotting of your window frame. A majority of homeowners end up replacing their windows due to this issue, thinking the issue lies within the window itself and not the frame, making them waste money on retrofitting repairs caused by faulty installation instead of replacing everything from the ground up.

Renewal by Andersen of Rapid City is the name you can rely on when it comes to hiring professional and reliable residential window services! We offer only the best selections and the highest quality assistance for your home improvement needs. For any inquiries, you can reach us at (605) 341-7831 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate. We serve homeowners and clients in Rapid City, SD.


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May 10

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