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Signs Your Windows Were Improperly Installed

New windows have many benefits, from better functionality to improved energy efficiency. However, these benefits may be rendered useless if your new windows are not properly installed. Poorly installed windows can lead to leakages and compromise the structural integrity of the surrounding interiors. Not only that, but most window manufacturers will also not honor a warranty for a window that was improperly installed.  

Signs Your Windows Were Improperly Installed

At Renewal by Andersen® of Rapid City, our window contractors perform excellent window installation services. If you think your windows are not installed correctly, you should keep an eye out for the following warning signs. 

Drafts and Moisture Damage

Air and water should never pass through your windows. If they are, this may lead to drafty windows and moisture damage. Remember that drafts suggest a lack of insulation, causing your energy bills to rise. In addition, moisture damage may refer to pooling water, bad odors, and in the worst-case scenario, mold. As such, contact your window installation company as soon as possible to get it fixed. 

Window Gaps

If you look between the frame and windowsill and find gaps, it is an indication that your windows were poorly installed. It is likely that the installer did not take the window measurements down correctly. A gap between the frame and windowsill generally means that your window’s frame is too large for the glass, or the contractor installed a glass that was only “close enough” to the frame’s measurements. To prevent this, be sure to hire a trusted installer for your replacement window installation. 

Difficulty Opening and Closing

A window that does not open nor close properly diminishes its functionality. It may either get stuck or not budge at all. In some cases, it may open, but remains stuck and refuses to shut. If you are having difficulty with closing or opening your window right after installation, things may only get worse down the road. For this reason, you should bring this to the attention of your window installers while the windows are under warranty. 

Uneven Caulking

Caulking ensures that the window is in place and looks like it is professionally installed. While the bottom edge should not be caulked so water can escape, the sides and top should have a visible layer of caulk. It helps hold the frame together and should be done right. However, an uneven caulking job will show that the installer took shortcuts or was in a hurry. Messy caulking will also negatively affect your home’s curb appeal. 

When it comes to window installation, put your trust in the certified professionals such as Renewal by Andersen of Rapid City. Our expert contractors provide top-quality services, from double hung to picture window installation. Call us today at (605) 341-7831 or fill out our contact form to set an appointment. We proudly serve homeowners in Rapid City, SD.


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