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Pros and Cons of The Muntin Options of Renewal by Andersen®

Window muntins are the part of your windows that are also known as grilles. It’s a framing piece that supports the individual glass panes of your windows that were necessary in traditional homes. This is because glass back then can only be manufactured in small panes that would be joined together to make larger windows supported by the grilles.

Pros and Cons of The Muntin Options of Renewal by Andersen

Nowadays, muntins aren’t really needed in modern windows since they can now be made with larger panes of glass that no longer need the support structure. However, the multiple paned window is still such a desirable look that Renewal by Andersen® still offers three muntin options for your consideration.

In this post, awning windows installation experts from Renewal by Andersen® – Rapid City discuss the pros and cons of each of their muntin options.

Full Divided Light Grilles

Renewal by Andersen’s Full Divided Light Grilles can give your window an accurate visual replication of divided glass. It consists of a permanently applied exterior Fibrex® grille, an aluminum spacer and an interior grille that can be removable or permanently applied.

It’s most advantageous feature is that it can provide an authentic look that makes it great for historical windows, no matter what the angle is. However, the multiple panes makes cleaning difficult and the individual panes aren’t as efficient compared to windows with fewer panes.


Between-The-Glass grilles, on the other hand, are made of aluminum and are permanently installed between panes during the manufacturing process. It’s pros include efficiency due to the lack of break in the glass and it’s also easier to clean since there’s no physical obstruction on the outer surface. However, it’s disadvantages include the fact that the artificial look is exacerbated by the lack of interruption in the window’s reflection. To install a casement window replacement with between-the- glass grilles, turn to Renewal by Andersen – Rapid City to get the job done.

Interior Wood Grilles

Interior Wood Grilles are made of hardwood and snap into clips on the sash’s interior, making removal possible to make cleaning the glass easier. It’s advantages include offering a convincing look from the inside of the window and is the cost-effective method of getting an efficient window compared to the other grille options. However, one of its cons include a greater tendency of the removable grilles breaking since they’re not very durable if handled again and again.

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