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Frequently Asked Questions About Energy-Efficient Windows

When you’re having your old windows replaced, replacement window installation experts strongly recommend that you install energy efficient windows in your home. That way, you’ll be able to reduce your monthly energy bills and save a significant amount in the long run. According to experts, however, whenever homeowners hear the term “energy efficient window”, it can be expected that they’ll have a few questions running through their minds.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about energy-efficient windows and their answers.

What Exactly is Low-E Glass?

The Low-E in Low-E glass stands for low emittance and simply put, this is glass that is coated with a clear material that can cut the transmission of ultraviolet rays from outside to the inside of your home. This further improves the thermal efficiency of the window, allowing you to not only protect your furnishings from fading but it reduces your reliance on your air conditioner as well. To install a window that has low-e glass in your home, simply turn to the double hung window repair experts of Renewal by Andersen® of Rapid City for assistance.

What is a Gas Filled Window?

When homeowners hear the term “gas-filled window”, it’s understandable if they think that it isn’t safe. However, there’s actually nothing hazardous about gas-filled windows. In fact, most windows nowadays have inert gases between the panes of glass for insulation purposes, increasing the window’s thermal value.

What is Insulated Glass?

According to experts, the term “insulated glass” is actually a misnomer as the glass itself isn’t insulated. When the term “insulated glass” is brought up, this simply means that there are two or more panes of glass in the window that are separated by insulation at the edges and air in the center, further improving the window’s thermal efficiency in the process.

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