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Choosing the Right Window Size: 3 Tips to Remember

Whether it involves clothing or new windows, proper sizing is important. It’s doubly crucial in the latter – you can’t just remove, return, and replace windows when you realize they don’t fit properly. So if you’re having new windows installed in your home, you’ll want to make sure they’re sized correctly the first time. A leading window company in the area, Renewal by Andersen® of Rapid City, shares what essentials to keep in mind when choosing window sizes. 

Choosing the Right Window Size: 3 Tips to Remember

1. Standard window sizes are a safe and easy choice. Most windows come in consistent size dimensions to make them an easier fit. Keep in mind that window manufacturers usually add at least half an inch to these measurements to account for the actual window installation. And while going for standard window sizes is safe and easy, the caveat is that your new windows end up looking like everyone else’s on the block. Window replacement offers the perfect opportunity to elevate the look of your home. If your goal is to make your home stand out better, custom window sizes from Renewal by Andersen of Rapid City are the way to go. 

2. Take building codes into account. You can make your new windows as large or small as you want. But there are building codes in place that may dictate the window size in certain rooms of your home. This is especially true in bedrooms, bath spaces, and basements. The point is that your new windows should be a specific height and width so they can be used to safely exit your home during an emergency.

3. Consider the placement of your new windows. Basically, the direction your new windows are facing may affect your choice of size. For instance, it’s generally recommended that east and west-facing windows should be kept small because they’ll let too much sunlight and heat in. North-facing windows, on the other hand, can be made larger since they won’t get as much direct sunlight. It’s a handy tip to consider, but one that’s made null if you pick windows that come with low-emissivity glass.

Windows from Renewal by Andersen come with advanced High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, which lets ample natural light into your home – minus the glare and excess heat. This means you’re free to have larger windows installed in a room regardless of the direction they’re facing. And thanks to its superior thermal performance, this state-of-the-art glass also ensures that your new windows can keep your home comfortable and efficient in any season.

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"We recently replaced all of the windows in our home. I was most impressed with the friendly staff who knew what I wanted before I did. They seemed to be able to find the perfect window for each one we replaced. We are very pleased with the result. From beginning to end they were professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Renewal by Anderson."

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May 15

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