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Are Window Grilles Ideal for Your Window Replacement?

The most fun part of window replacement is being able to customize your new windows however you like. One stylistic element you can add to your new windows is the grille, or the vertical line of material dividing the glass pane of the window unit. Grilles are usually optional, but you can put them on your new windows depending on how you’d like to use them. They’ll be an excellent addition to your window replacement if: 

Are Window Grilles Ideal for Your Window Replacement?
  • You want to highlight your home’s architectural details. Grilles, or ‘muntins’ as they used to be called, started as a way to keep larger windows structurally sound in the 17th century. But grilles have fallen out of favor by the 1940s because advances in window design have made the structural support they provide unnecessary. Today, window grilles are strictly used for aesthetic purposes. If you want to add to the architectural accuracy of your traditional home, putting grilles in windows can help you achieve that.
  • You want your windows to be the focal point instead of the view. If your home overlooks a stunning view, putting grilles on your windows might actually detract from it. You’ll want to keep your new windows unadorned for this reason. But it’s a different story if the view in question is just neighborhood traffic or the side of your neighbor’s garage. Putting grilles on the windows becomes a much better idea then. They help enhance the windows’ look, making them the focal point instead of the less-than-stellar view.
  • Your choice of window style leans toward classic. The fact is that grilles look better in certain window styles, such as double-hung, casement, bay, and bow. That’s because these windows are the staple in most traditional homes. Adding grilles on sleek, contemporary-looking picture and sliding windows may not be such a good idea. They don’t provide quite the same effect and may look out of place instead.

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