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Reasons Why You Won’t Go Wrong with Sliding Windows

There’s no such thing as a “universally perfect” window, but our replacement window installation experts say that sliding windows are as good as they come. Characterized by panels that slide horizontally along a series of rails, sliding windows have a few things going on that make it a “safe” choice for many homeowners. 

Sliding Windows

They Provide a Great View

A sliding window’s panels are completely supported by the entire bottom edge of the frame. Because all of the weight isn’t concentrated on hinges or held by small latches, sliding windows can afford to be bigger than other window options. This gives you a great view of the outdoors that can only be replicated by using two or more other windows.

They Offer Good Insulation

Sliding windows are designed in a way that they can form a good airtight seal when completely closed. Compare this to casement or other hinged windows, where air is more likely to leak out if the panels aren’t completely pressed against the frame to form a seal. Sliding and double-hung window repair experts recommend sliding windows if you want excellent insulation.

They Are Easy to Operate

There are certain instances where reaching out and moving the panels of a casement window can be difficult because of accessibility or mobility issues. Because the weight of a sliding window’s panels is supported by the bottom rails, very little force is needed to operate them. This makes sliding windows perfect for homes with elderly people or those who just want an easier time opening or closing their windows.

Professionally Installed Sliding Windows

Just like with picture window installation, sliding windows work best when installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. That means you should have your new windows installed by certified window experts. Doing so also protects your new windows because professional installations are covered by good warranties.

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May 15

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