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Leave Window Installations to Window Installers

For standard window replacements such as a picture window installation, it may be tempting to simply hire a general contractor to handle the job. If you’re already remodeling other parts of your home, it makes sense to add replacing a window on your contractor’s to-do list. However, these types of replacements are still best handled by a professional who specializes in windows.

Window Installers

Hiring a general contractor for a window replacement isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hiring a window installer simply has more advantages. One of which is maximizing the value of your new replacement windows. Let our experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Rapid City explain the other benefits you can expect from a professional window specialist.

Warranty Protection

Consider an example situation where you had new double-hung replacement windows suddenly show signs of a problem. First, you’ll call for a double-hung window repair to get it fixed. The general contractor who installed the windows may provide you with labor warranties but material replacements for the frame and the glass are usually covered by the manufacturer. These same manufacturers may require that their windows be installed by a certified window installer. You can save yourself a lot of headaches by simply choosing a window installer in the first place.

Better Performance

Installers who specialize in windows know the ins and outs of replacing a window. While a general contractor may know a thing or two about the job, it takes an experienced professional to make sure that your new replacement windows are installed properly and correctly.

More Options

Window contractors can also offer specialty replacement window installation services for non-standard windows. The ability to customize window replacements can be extremely valuable and one that only a specialist can give you.

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