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3 Factors That Influence the Cost of Window Replacement

Before starting your window replacement project, you might want to consider a few essentials, like say, your available budget. To ensure your home upgrade can remain on track, you’ll need to make sure you have just enough (plus extra for contingencies). But the fact is that every window replacement is different, meaning there’s no set amount your budget has to meet. The exact math will depend on several factors that can either drive up the costs or minimize them. Renewal by Andersen® of Rapid City, premier double hung window repair and replacement expert, discusses some of them here.

 Window Replacement

1. Window Style. Windows come in many different styles. Classic ones like double-hung and casement are usually more reasonably priced because of their neat and simple design. It’s a different matter with bay and bow windows, which have quite a unique look and shape. To install a bay or bow unit in your home, the exterior walls will need to be altered, which will increase your overall costs. 

2. Method of Installation. You’ll need to decide on an insert or full-frame installation. An insert involves just removing the window and leaving the existing frame and trim intact. It’s more cost-effective but is only a viable option if the frame and trim remain structurally sound. A full-frame window installation is exactly what it sounds like–the entirety of the window is replaced–frame, trim, and all. While costlier than an insert, it does allow your window company to check and repair water damage to the unit. Plus, it offers the flexibility of getting a new style or size window. If you’ve always wanted a picture window installation, the full-frame method can make that possible for you.

3. Frame and Glass. What type of framing material does your window use? Wood and fiberglass generally cost more, while vinyl costs less. As for glass, windows with a single pane (an option that is nearly obsolete) are less expensive than double-pane ones. There’s no stopping you from picking windows that use a more cost-effective frame and glass, but they usually don’t last long. Renewal by Andersen® of Rapid City offers high-quality replacement windows made of Fibrex® composite frames and sashes, and comes with High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass. Together, they allow for some of the toughest and most energy-efficient windows available today. 

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"We recently replaced all of the windows in our home. I was most impressed with the friendly staff who knew what I wanted before I did. They seemed to be able to find the perfect window for each one we replaced. We are very pleased with the result. From beginning to end they were professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Renewal by Anderson."

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May 15

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