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5 Tips to Follow When Caring for Your Window This Summer

Now that the summer season is fast approaching, more and more homeowners are making plans on how they can improve their homes. According to experts, these plans often range from roof and siding replacement to HVAC upgrades. While these are all home improvement projects that are worthy of your time, residential window services providers say that you should also take this time to focus on your windows.

Here are five tips you can follow when caring for your windows this summer.

1. Remove the Debris – If you have any sliding windows in your home, one way you can care for it this summer is by removing the dirt and debris that builds up in the windowsills. This is because any dirt that remains in the sill can prevent the window from shutting as tightly as it should, making it less efficient than it’s meant to be. To accomplish this, simply brush out the dirt and then wipe the tracks so the window will operate as smoothly as possible.

2. Clean the Windows – After you’ve cleaned the window sills and removed the debris, you can now move on to cleaning the window’s surface. That way, your window can last longer than it’s meant to. To clean your windows, simply create a solution by mixing soap, water, and window cleaner in a bucket before you clean the window from top to bottom. Afterward, be sure to remove the cleaner to prevent streaks and glares. Once you’ve done so, properly dry them out to prevent mold and mildew from growing on your window.

3. Check the Caulking – Check the caulking of your window when you’re maintaining it during the summer season to see if it needs to be replaced. This is an important step that you should always take as the caulking serves as the barrier in the spaces between the window and siding of your home, preventing air leaks as a result. Unfortunately, the caulking can eventually deteriorate and will have to be replaced to maintain your home’s energy efficiency, making inspections necessary.

4. Inspect the Window Hardware – Since you’re already performing maintenance on your window, have its hardware inspected as well. As your windows can be used as a quick exit in case of emergencies, it’s important that you know if they’re functioning properly. By having it inspected, you’ll be able to know if it needs to be repaired or replaced by your window installation company.

5. Replace the Weatherstripping – The weatherstripping is another component of your window that you need to inspect when maintaining it this summer. This is because it’s essential in preventing moisture from entering your home and allowing mold and mildew to grow. Unfortunately, however, like your window caulking, it can deteriorate over time and negatively affect your energy efficiency. By having it replaced when needed, you can keep your home’s energy efficiency intact, helping you save a significant amount in the long run.

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