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Winterizing Your Windows and Doors

It’s normal to have slight gaps and small cracks around doors and windows. This is why many windows and door replacement services recommend using weatherstrips and weather-proof seals to cover up these potential sources of air leaks. These gaps can cause your energy bills to go up by up to 30%. With heating and cooling accounting for more than half of your total energy consumption, these losses can stack the longer you neglect to seal your windows and door leak up.

Winterization guide

With days getting colder as winter rolls around, winterizing your doors and windows has never been more important. Here are a few tips from our experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Rapid City on how to properly prepare the entry ways into your home for the season.

Sealing the Door Frame

Whether you have a sliding door or a French door installation, make sure to ask your contractor to apply weatherstripping around its frames. You can take a more DIY approach and purchase the weatherstripping from your local handyman shop yourself, but having a professional do it is still best. If you’re getting new patio doors, however, Renewal by Andersen® has great options that are already sealed to minimize drafts and air leaks.

Using Caulk

For homes with older doors and windows, take a close look at your frames and jambs. This is where cracks and gaps form often. Use caulk to cover up these areas properly, in addition to the weatherstripping you already have. Be careful when removing moldings and trims as you apply the caulk. If you’re applying multiple layers, make sure the first layer is completely dry first before putting on the second layer.

Upgrading Your Windows and Doors

Replace your aging sliding patio door or replacement windows with newer and more energy-efficient ones to really get the most savings on your heating and cooling bills. Finishing your window and door replacement before winter is best, but you can still book a contractor even if you’re already in the middle of the season.

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